Hello and welcome to my eFolio page! My name is Trace Myers and I am a Liberal Studies major here at Holy Cross College. I am from Roselawn, Indiana which is a small rural town in Northwest Indiana and I transferred to Holy Cross after receiving an Associates Degree from Ancilla College. Throughout this eFolio page you will be learning more about myself and my experiences during my tenure at Holy Cross College and my experiences with the 4 pillars that Holy Cross College participates in which are: Service Learning, Internship, Global Perspectives, and the Senior Capstone. While at Holy Cross College, I have been able to grow academically and socially and this is demonstrated throughout this eFolio.

The theme for my eFolio is "The River is Everywhere" which is a quote from the book Siddhartha by Herman Hesse. The novel is about a young monk who is trying to find his goals in life. Actually, Siddhartha means "he who has attained his goals." I picked this for my theme for my eFolio and Senior Capstone because I felt like the quote directly correlated with myself and my two years at Holy Cross College. I have been able to acquire and realize my goals throughout the classes that I have taken, growing spiritually, and also believing in myself. My eFolio is similar to my Senior Capstone which is on May 8, 2012 and 3 p.m. I hope to see everyone there, meeting all of my "fans", and also having you learn more about me. Please feel free to browse my eFolio at anytime. Thanks!